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“Wisdom of the heart is beyond the realm of emotions, feelings or desires, it is that subtle, soft knowingness inside which arise when mind is quiet.. that wisdom is the guiding light.”


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Welcome you to a journey towards good health healing and transformation through yoga. Our  well Qualified and Experienced Yoga instructor in south Delhi is always ready to make you fit through yoga and meditation.



we offer many yoga style most popular are listed below choose according your need if you are new to yoga and don’t know which is the best for you ? just call us. our yoga instructor guide you through or visit our center in south Delhi

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about yoga

Yoga’s holistic approach sees an individual’s health (body, mind and breath), happiness and peace interconnected. In simple words, yoga can be described as ‘caring and nourishing ’. That caring and nourishing refers to, taking care and nourishing yourself physically, psychologically and also, taking care and nourishing a more subtle part of our existence commonly referred to as soul spirit or the self.

in modern age where desires, expectations and competition are becoming our key motivations, we end up depriving ourselves from the attention which is important for our well being. When this continues for long, it can result into ill health, excessive weight gain or weight loss, injuries, diseases, emotional and mental turmoil and dissatisfaction.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga has been known to offer tremendous benefits to practitioners. Apart from the hard to measure benefits like self-realization, Yoga has much to offer in the corporeal realm. Lately, modern medical research has also been acknowledging and certifying the benefits of Yoga.

Regular Yoga practice can make you physically fit, lower stress and blood pressure, balance your metabolism, benefit your heart, help you with allergies, breathing problems, insomnia etc. and put you in a good frame of mind. By reducing stress, Yoga enhances your body’s natural immune system and can help you resist common ailments. Yoga has also been shown to reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is a major bane for desk workers.

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very stisfying experience with yoga instuctor parveen hired from yoga teach in south delhi
prerna jain
intrior designer
loose weight and gain muscle and get help in studying thruogh yoga thnks to parveen
utcarsh yadav
studying animation
yoga instructor parven from yoga teach has very deep knowledge of joint and muscle must try his services
renu mathur

yoga is our passion

Through yoga  tech, our effort is to share our understanding and experience of yoga to facilitate an environment which is conducive for empowering oneself holistically and get in touch with one’s innate wisdom.

There are no prerequisites to yoga. You can start yoga now, irrespective of the stage of life you are in or the profession you are pursuing or your fitness level. Whenever you are ready is the right time to start yoga.



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Make your practice more beneficial by combining posture breathing relaxation and meditative techniques with awareness and introspection. let your practice go outside the class and into your life! Live Yoga!

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